Monday, October 26 2020

Westsyde Statistics

Updated Monday, October 26 2020


Total Listings7
Average Days On Market66
Average Price$307,757
Median Price$349,900
Lowest Price$229,900
Highest Price$374,900
Average Price/SqFt$0/SqFt
Lowest Price/SqFt$284/SqFt
Highest Price/SqFt$343/SqFt

Full Duplex

Total Listings1
Average Days On Market27
Average Price$699,900
Median Price$699,900
Lowest Price$699,900
Highest Price$699,900
Average Price/SqFt$0/SqFt
Lowest Price/SqFt$225/SqFt
Highest Price/SqFt$225/SqFt

Half Duplex

Total Listings3
Average Days On Market29
Average Price$498,233
Median Price$524,900
Lowest Price$439,900
Highest Price$529,900
Average Price/SqFt$0/SqFt
Lowest Price/SqFt$225/SqFt
Highest Price/SqFt$232/SqFt

Manufactured Home

Total Listings4
Average Days On Market34
Average Price$153,475
Median Price$165,000
Lowest Price$74,900
Highest Price$235,000
Average Price/SqFt$0/SqFt
Lowest Price/SqFt$98/SqFt
Highest Price/SqFt$312/SqFt

Single Family Dwelling

Total Listings21
Average Days On Market52
Average Price$551,995
Median Price$523,000
Lowest Price$357,000
Highest Price$880,000
Average Price/SqFt$0/SqFt
Lowest Price/SqFt$176/SqFt
Highest Price/SqFt$725/SqFt


Total Listings1
Average Days On Market59
Average Price$249,000
Median Price$249,000
Lowest Price$249,000
Highest Price$249,000
Average Price/SqFt$0/SqFt
Lowest Price/SqFt$189/SqFt
Highest Price/SqFt$189/SqFt

About Westsyde

Another of the further developing areas of Kamloops, stretching along the North Thompson River Westmount being closer to main Kamloops are older homes while further out along Westsyde road newer to brand new homes. Then as you proceed past the Dunes Golf course you get into acreages and farms.

One of the newly developed areas of Kamloops Westside shopping and easy HWY access is down the hill. Prices range from the low 300,000 for a single family home to above 1m for higher end view homes.

Interesting Fact

Most often the weather pattern blows up Kamloops Lake, East towards the Loops then makes a turn up the North Thompson River. You will get some wind the higher up you are from the river. The river runs at about 4 knots in the freshet, about 2 knots the rest of the year.


The Kamloops Rivers trail runs below the Batchelor area through and along the river at Westmount along the river. Westsyde road is a bike route that is flat where you see many road riders taking a spin. As like Batchelor to the West of Westsyde road are the Lac Du Bois Grasslands, a prime biking, fishing and motorbike area. To the East and North you have the North Thompson river. Boating up the North Thompson River is pretty restrictive as it is not buoyed. The adventurous knowledgeable boater will find the exploration North on this river exciting and spiritual.


There are a few corner stores in the area a wonderful sushi restaurant, Nishino Sushi, a pub and a small shopping Mall containing a liquor store and a Save on Foods.