Thursday, August 6 2020

North Kamloops Statistics

Updated Thursday, August 6 2020


Total Listings27
Average Days On Market206
Average Price$325,052
Median Price$309,900
Lowest Price$184,900
Highest Price$469,900
Average Price/SqFt$0/SqFt
Lowest Price/SqFt$328/SqFt
Highest Price/SqFt$547/SqFt

Full Duplex

Total Listings3
Average Days On Market31
Average Price$541,567
Median Price$574,900
Lowest Price$399,900
Highest Price$649,900
Average Price/SqFt$0/SqFt
Lowest Price/SqFt$338/SqFt
Highest Price/SqFt$741/SqFt

Half Duplex

Total Listings6
Average Days On Market39
Average Price$441,950
Median Price$449,000
Lowest Price$349,900
Highest Price$579,000
Average Price/SqFt$0/SqFt
Lowest Price/SqFt$200/SqFt
Highest Price/SqFt$302/SqFt

Manufactured Home

Total Listings3
Average Days On Market25
Average Price$106,600
Median Price$119,900
Lowest Price$35,000
Highest Price$164,900
Average Price/SqFt$0/SqFt
Lowest Price/SqFt$61/SqFt
Highest Price/SqFt$210/SqFt

Single Family Dwelling

Total Listings17
Average Days On Market31
Average Price$450,806
Median Price$449,900
Lowest Price$319,900
Highest Price$599,900
Average Price/SqFt$0/SqFt
Lowest Price/SqFt$177/SqFt
Highest Price/SqFt$285/SqFt

About North Kamloops

The main business section of the North Shore (The North side of the Thompson River). Consisting of the majority of Businesses and shopping in the area. The homes in most cases are smaller and older, but closer to the river you do find some amazing builds. Schubert drive which includes the Kamloops Rivers Trail has some very nice homes.

Interesting Fact

1821 saw the first fur trading post in Kamloops where the two rivers meet, The North and South Thompson. The railroad followed some 50 years later which brought the ability to ship logs from Kamloops south.

Name Origin

Pretty simple... the north side of Kamloops, The main hub for shopping is the downtown section of the North Shore. Bordered by streets such as Tranquille Rd and Fortune drive These two streets including Parkcrest ave are the routes to the Kamloops airport.


Parks, Parks and more Parks... The entrance to the North shore over the Overlander Bridge greets you with "Tournament Capital of Canada". A rather big statement but I must give them the benefit of the doubt we have a lot of ball parks, soccer pitches, skate parks bike parks and the like. When the South and North Thompson river are down from August till spring the beach opens up for miles for dog walking, sail boarding and kite flying... don't forget the sun bathing.


It is all here in the North shore of Kamloops. From Kamloops Safeway to Kamloops Wendy's to North Shore Sushi and fast food. The Kamloops Northshore Starbucks is a hit as well as the North Shore Tim Hortons. The new north shore Library center is beautiful. The main shopping mall named North Hills mall with the other large mall being Fortune Shopping Center. Hotels include the Fortune Motel and the Holiday Inn Suites.