Monday, January 25 2021

Juniper Heights Statistics

Updated Monday, January 25 2021

Half Duplex

Total Listings3
Average Days On Market60
Average Price$513,233
Median Price$489,900
Lowest Price$449,900
Highest Price$599,900
Average Price/SqFt$0/SqFt
Lowest Price/SqFt$191/SqFt
Highest Price/SqFt$237/SqFt

Single Family Dwelling

Total Listings6
Average Days On Market54
Average Price$1,026,483
Median Price$1,100,000
Lowest Price$749,900
Highest Price$1,200,000
Average Price/SqFt$0/SqFt
Lowest Price/SqFt$207/SqFt
Highest Price/SqFt$428/SqFt

About Juniper Heights

Above the silt beds left by ancient river flow, above Valleyview next door to Rose Hill to the West and Barnhartville to the East lays 3 relatively new areas of Kamloops combined to be called Juniper Ridge.

Driving up from the base at Highland Rd and Valleyview Dr or from the Trans-Canada Highway you pass on your left the ice rink and finish zone for the Kamloops Bike Ranch Down Hill course. Also the Blue box collection area for the City Of Kamloops is here at this spot. Passing through the silt beds you rise along a newly built double lane road with walking, jogging and bike lane running beside.

At the top besides a great view you find the Kamloops bike ranch and pump track for BMX and the new dog park.

Central Juniper

Juniper originally began with the initial street builds of Qu'Appelle Blvd and Skeena Dr. running along the top, in the trees above the silt beds, east and west. These still bisect the area but with numerous newer streets running from them.

Is perhaps the oldest area in Juniper with established trees, an elementary school with a playground and older perhaps 30-35 year old homes. 2 car garages are pretty standard.

A very family orientated area Juniper is a great place for dogs and kids. There is a hockey box, corner store (the only one) Dog Park and of course the famous bike ranch. The bike ranch has a pump track at top, practice jumps and is the beginning for carded DH and XC races.

The Juniper Benchlands

From the left side of the traffic cyrcle through central Juniper you will come to the rock design entrance sign announcing The Benchlands. The Benchlands rise up on streets such as Cheakamus to Birkenhead Rd and Place, the higher you go the more expansive the view east and west that you have. Most of these homes are in the age range of brand new to perhaps 12 years old. High end builds with two and three car garages. If you are not on the view odds are you back onto Crown land allowing easy access to hiking and biking.

To the North and below heading down Kicking Horse Drive from Qu'Appelle Blvd you will find high end homes lining the wide street with their beautiful landscaping and modern builds winding along the streets. Similar style home builds to the upper Benchlands with in a lot of cases more acreage. This area continues to grow to the East

West Highlands

From the traffic circle, a relatively new idea in Kamloops to your West or right at the circle you will get into some condos, some semi detached and some brand new higher end homes. Climbing higher most streets take advantage of the view they running east and West on the view side facing north. This area is West Highlands. Brand new in 2016 this area continues to develop to the West as always as in most of Kamloops talking advantage of the view.

Interesting Fact

Because Kamloops is situated in the middle of a forest bears, deer, cougar, moose and bobcat may be your neighbours. The further up you live closer to the tree line you may spot one or all at some time. Usually not a problem the City Of Kamloops takes care of such things if they become a problem. For bears everyone knows that the bylaws state no garbage out for pickup more than the night before. Rattle snakes? Nope - they are on the other side of the river.

Name Origin

Perhaps you aren't familiar with juniper berries as a recipe ingredient but if you have ever indulged in a gin and tonic, you have tasted them. Pungent and piney, juniper is what gives gin its unique flavor.

Even if you have never tasted gin, you have probably seen juniper growing. This native of Europe, Juniperus communis, has become naturalized in North America to the point of near-weed status. Common juniper is a shrubby evergreen often cultivated as a dwarf tree but, left unfettered; it may reach heights of 20 feet or more. The berries are small, round fruits that take two or three years to ripen from green to a deep blue or purple.

From the Juniper Bush come the berries that locals use to make wine and marinades. Best served as a side with Beef pork or wild game, Kamloops is known for its fly-fishing and its hunting.


Dog Park, Ice rink, Kamloops Bike Ranch and many many bike trails


The market at the traffic Circle is your nearest with Valleyview shopping at the bottom of the hill. Either way at the Trans Canada HWY or on the side road that skirts the TCH will take you to take out, groceries and restaurants.