Monday, January 25 2021

Buying a Kamloops Home

Multi layered, Experienced Remax Kamloops Realtors®

There are so many scenarios that could come about when purchasing a home.

The best way to understand all of which is involved in a home purchase, from our first meeting to letting you in the door of your new home, is best to sit down and chat. Nothing formal, nothing to sign, perhaps we could chat during an open house or while showing you some homes for sale?

Whether it is your first or your fifth, residential or commercial purchase or sale, Nvesta Real-estate Group in conjunction with Remax Western Canada and Remax Real Estate Kamloops will provide to you the most knowledge based and pleasant experience while searching for that new home or investment.

Our name and reputation depend on you

Kamloops Real Estate Home Hunting

When you work with our group of experienced dedicated Realtors® we are committed to full undivided attention to your house hunting needs. If you can only view a property on condition of a time schedule all your own, we will do our best to make it happen.

Our goal is to have you "First to View" we will be there for you.

Your needs come before our own personal time, we understand how important and urgent this endeavor is to you, the client. Our commitment is to you on your time.

If the Nvesta Real Estate Group Realtor® you are working with is showing other homes another Nvesta representative will take you out and view that home.

RE/MAX Real Estate Kamloops Negotiation

Through the many views of the world that we have developed and our combined years of experience the Real Estate profession we at Nvesta are able to maximize all of our talent and experience to give you some of the top negotiators in Canada.

Our outward honesty in advising you of everything we see and hear from the other party, what we find at city aoning and bylaw offices, the full and complete inspection of the MLS® listing to find errors or additions left out propel us further in our negotiations with the other side.

Our continuing education brought to us by such esteemed Educators includes UBC Sauder School of Business and The National Association of Realtors® (USA).

Our licensee's keep their knowledge up to date by taking monthly courses, listening to in person and online lectures along with in office mentorship.

Kamloops Legal View

Comprehensive legal protection from an independent source, our Errors and Omission's Insurance covers all Realtor® transactions in British Columbia. If fraud is committed against your purchase or sale by another party E&O Insurance will investigate and come to a settlement.

We have access to our own RE/MAX legal team available daily to answer all of your questions.

As within all Canadian real estate offices we have on hand an owner broker who is as liable as we are for any mistakes we may make. Our owner broker is available 24/7 to answer any questions we may have. This valuable resource guarantees you all legal questions and concerns will be answered promptly and discreetly.