Thursday, January 23 2020

Brocklehurst Statistics

Updated Thursday, January 23 2020


Total Listings3
Average Days On Market56
Average Price$222,433
Median Price$209,900
Lowest Price$139,500
Highest Price$317,900
Average Price/SqFt$0/SqFt
Lowest Price/SqFt$217/SqFt
Highest Price/SqFt$408/SqFt

Full Duplex

Total Listings1
Average Days On Market8
Average Price$849,900
Median Price$849,900
Lowest Price$849,900
Highest Price$849,900
Average Price/SqFt$0/SqFt
Lowest Price/SqFt$328/SqFt
Highest Price/SqFt$328/SqFt

Half Duplex

Total Listings8
Average Days On Market33
Average Price$419,188
Median Price$449,900
Lowest Price$329,000
Highest Price$489,900
Average Price/SqFt$0/SqFt
Lowest Price/SqFt$194/SqFt
Highest Price/SqFt$269/SqFt

Manufactured Home

Total Listings6
Average Days On Market79
Average Price$131,400
Median Price$99,900
Lowest Price$39,900
Highest Price$289,900
Average Price/SqFt$0/SqFt
Lowest Price/SqFt$43/SqFt
Highest Price/SqFt$314/SqFt

Single Family Dwelling

Total Listings23
Average Days On Market77
Average Price$553,896
Median Price$489,900
Lowest Price$329,900
Highest Price$1,875,000
Average Price/SqFt$0/SqFt
Lowest Price/SqFt$186/SqFt
Highest Price/SqFt$378/SqFt


Total Listings3
Average Days On Market50
Average Price$298,667
Median Price$299,000
Lowest Price$298,000
Highest Price$299,000
Average Price/SqFt$0/SqFt
Lowest Price/SqFt$208/SqFt
Highest Price/SqFt$290/SqFt

About Brocklehurst

Consisting of large flat lots this area is one of the prime North Shore areas for finding and fixing a gem. Just minutes away from shopping and Tim Hortons on the route to the airport Fulton Field you will find quiet streets the majority with no sidewalks. The newer builds do have sidewalks but don’t get me wrong the lack of sidewalks gives this area a nice family feeling.

Interesting Fact

As the North shore expanded this area of Kamloops Brocklehurst bordered by Tranquille road on the south and Ord road on the North was the first to develop towards the airport. In the past the apple orchard’s reigned supreme which you still see apple trees in people’s yards.

Name Origin

Not much to say here… except that Brock is flat and can be at least 4 degrees warmer than the rest of Kamloops.


The Kamloops Rivers trail runs through brock to the airport and beyond. Tranquille farms for local produce is also out past the airport as well as the Kamloops Golf club. Access to the river with access to the outback towards Red Lake, up and over the mountain range to the hundreds of fishing lakes that abound. The majority of our outdoor sport facilities are located here in Brock. McArthur Island is the biggie here with numerous soccer fields and baseball diamonds an ice rink and skate park.


There are a few corner stores in the area and also a mall containing a Save-On-Foods, exercise center and The Brocklehurst Tim Hortons.