Thursday, January 21 2021

Nvesta - Join Our Team

Realtor partners and soon to be realtor partners

Nvesta is the newest platform to present all things real estate to the public. Our goal is to provide the most information available that can be released on a simple easy to use web platform.

The benefit to you the prospective Nvesta partner is that as we become the most used site to search real-estate info in the province due to our simplicity, no sign in and private accessibility that the buyer/seller appreciating Nvesta's goal will contact Nvesta RE/MAX realtors for more information. Nvesta feeds you leads.

What would a quality site like this cost you to build? Don't ask. Trust that we know the cookie cutter sites that ALL the others use are costing upwards of 1500.00 per month, all templates, all same. Those that don't spend these amounts have no web presence.

By joining Nvesta you are buying into your own piece of the pie on day one. We manage the site, your signage and your advertising, you build your clientele using your own name as normally is the practice today amongst realtors but with the biggest expense of advertising taken care of by us.

The newspaper costs 1000.00 per page for color and is dying fast as a way to communicate web presence is the only way to establish yourself.

Starting out in real-estate? You need web presence - Nvesta gives you that immediately.

Already in business? Our goal is for you to be grossing 200,000 in two years with our program.

Interested in Nvesta out of Kamloops board area.. Only one realtor in each board will hold an Nvesta site specifically designed for their area.

Please call Jim for an appointment